Rottweiler News & Events

2019 SFRK Spring Sieger Show - Miami, Florida

Darsi Earl Antonius - Siegerin under honorable judge Tatyana Popova

Hammer Von Muntz / Von Isa's Haus - (9-12) Best Male Rottweiler Puppy under honorable judge Ivan Ristovic

2018 AIRK

Big shout out to Dwayne Martin and team for putting on an amazing event.

VP-1 Hammer Von Muntz 
Best Rottweiler Puppy
VP-2 Eve Von Isas Haus
VP-3 Lala Von Muntz
V1- Alfred Von Isas Haus
Youth Sieger
V2 - Maddie Von Isas Haus

Much RESPECT and appreciation to Dusko Teodora Pejovic, she really knows the breed and did an amazing job of explaining and critiquing the dogs. I think we all came away with a better understanding of our dogs.

We are so proud of these pups!

V1 in Ohio (Eve Von Isa’s Haus/Von Muntz Rottweilers)
V2 in Ohio ( Hammer Von Isa’s Haus/Von Muntz Rottweilers)
V2 in North Carolina (Eve Von Isa’s Haus/Von Muntz Rottweilers)
V1 in North Carolina (Hammer Von Isa’s Haus/Von Muntz Rottweilers) 
Puppy Sieger in North Carolina (Hammer Von Isa’s Haus/Von Muntz Rottweilers)

🔥🏆 Lars Earl Antonius rottweiler puppies did it again! November 14, 2018

Lars Earl Antonius x Wupy
AKC 11/14
OVechkin Jenkirk VP-1
Giovani Jenkirk VP -1 and Best Rottweiler Puppy

Lars Earl Antonius x Maddie Von Isa's Haus
Eve Von Isas Haus / Muntz VP-1
2018 USRC NC
Hammer Von Muntz/Von Isas Haus
VP-1 and Best Puppy.

That’s only two litters from Lars Earl Antonius and two top winning show rottweiler puppies from each!

October 14-15, 2017 - Rottweiler Klub of Northeast Ohio

Congratulations to our friend Wayne Welch on his top results at Barbados all Breeds Championship Dog Show:
Bentley Von Muntz - First place Junior Class, Best Female, Champion Certificate, Best Opposite Sex.
Balto Von Muntz - First Place Junior Class, Champion Certificate and Reserve Best of Breed.
Judge Mr. Espen Engh

March 18-19, 2017 - North Carolina AIRK Nationals

Diva Earl Antonius – 2017 AIRK Nationals V1 Working Class Female Rottweiler and National Siegerin

Nino Earl Antonius – 2017 AIRK Nationals V1 Working Class Male Rottweiler

Cowboy Earl Antonius – 2017 AIRK Nationals V2 18-24 Month Male Rottweiler and V. Youth Sieger

Adonis Von Muntz – 2017 AIRK Nationals V1 12-18 Male Rottweiler

Bentley Von Muntz – 2017 AIRK Nationals VP3

January 28-29, 2017 - South Florida Rottweiler Klub Breed Show

Diva Earl Antonius - 2017 South Florida Siegerin, Best of Breed and Best In Show

Cowboy Earl Antonius - V1 Intermediate Class Male Rottweiler

Nino Earl Antonius - V1 Working Class Male Rottweiler

Balto Von Muntz - V1 4-6 Month Male Rottweiler