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Welcome to Von Muntz Rottweilers where we strive for excellence in all things ‘Rottweiler’.” We offer German Rottweiler puppies, youths and adults for sale to pet and show homes.  We are a code of ethics breeder and travel the USA showing our dogs. We not only breed to make a better Rottweiler but for health, conformation, good bone substance, and big heads. All of our breeding stock have passed hip and elbow exams via OFA or the foreign equivalent.


We follow the FCI Rottweiler standard which means all of our dogs keep their tails. The U.S. is the only major country that still allows tail docking. Please see our page on this for more information.”

AKC Champion Rottweilers

CODE of ETHICS breeder

Our Rottweiler Puppies

Von Muntz Rottweiler kennels combinations of our German Rottweilers are carefully selected and all the dogs have been tested for their health and behavior. 


Whether you’re interested in a Rottweiler puppy for a personal protection dog, working dog, show dog, or most importantly just a loyal and loving family companion you have come to the right place.