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Von Muntz Rottweilers experience in the German Rottweiler breed is legendary having competed in all venues around the world. None of our great accomplishments would have been possible without the help of our great friends and business partners.

Another Von Muntz Puppy Wins BOB


Northeast Regional Sieger Show – Aug. 2021

Honorable and Respected Judges: Tatyana Popova and Olga Grin

Mighty Von Muntz

M: Darsi Earl Antonius
F: Michael Corleone
🏆 V1 12-18 Month (Youth Class II)
🏆🏆 Youth Sieger
Trainer & Handler: Larry Nicholson
Owners: Jim & Deb Muntz and Larry Nicholson
2020 usrc nationals

2020 USRC Nationals

Large group of excellent young males 6-9 months

Under Honorable Judge Enrique González

V1 and Puppy Sieger Mayweather Von Muntz
M: Darsi Easl Antonius F: Michael Corleone

Huge congratulations to Sal Johnson owner.

Excellent handling and training Jimmy Villegas. Thank you!!


Von Muntz Progeny

Young Pup Hennessy Von Muntz training out in California with our good friend Rock Ford.

F. Hunter Vom Wilden Westin
M. Darsi Earl Antonius


2019 RKNA Klub Michigan

Alfred Von Isas Haus Sieger and BOB

F: Tito Earl Antonius
M: Xola Haus of Lazic

Under honorable Judges:
Alfredo Estrada Santiago
Vinicio Italo Di Paolo

2019 Route 66 Sieger Show – Youth Sieger at 16 months under honorable Judge Siegmund Trebschuh

2019 RKNA MRWK – Youth Sieger at 14 Months Under Honorable judge Joe Heidl

2019 SFRK Spring Sieger Show – VP- 1 Best Puppy under honorable judge Ivan Ristovic

2018 AIRK Fall Show – VP-1 Best Puppy under honorable judge Dusko Teodora Pejovic

Parents: Lars Earl Antonius x Maddie Von Isas Haus 

Hammer Von Muntz

Thank you Jimmy Villegas for your expert handling.

2019 SFRK Spring Sieger Show - Miami, Florida

Darsi Earl Antonius – Siegerin under honorable judge Tatyana Popova

Hammer Von Muntz / Von Isa’s Haus – (9-12) Best Male Rottweiler Puppy under honorable judge Ivan Ristovic

2018 AIRK

VP-1 Hammer Von Muntz  – Best Rottweiler Puppy
VP-2 Eve Von Isas Haus
VP-3 Lala Von Muntz
V1- Alfred Von Isas Haus – Youth Sieger
V2 – Maddie Von Isas Haus

Much RESPECT and appreciation to Dusko Teodora Pejovic, she really knows the breed and did an amazing job of explaining and critiquing the dogs. I think we all came away with a better understanding of our dogs.

2018 Ohio & North Carolina

We are so proud of these pups!

V1 in Ohio (Eve Von Isa’s Haus/Von Muntz Rottweilers)
V2 in Ohio ( Hammer Von Isa’s Haus/Von Muntz Rottweilers)
V2 in North Carolina (Eve Von Isa’s Haus/Von Muntz Rottweilers)
V1 in North Carolina (Hammer Von Isa’s Haus/Von Muntz Rottweilers) 
Puppy Sieger in North Carolina (Hammer Von Isa’s Haus/Von Muntz Rottweilers)

Lars Earl Antonius Rottweiler puppies did it again!

November 14, 2018

Lars Earl Antonius x Wupy
AKC 11/14
OVechkin Jenkirk VP-1
Giovani Jenkirk VP -1 and Best Rottweiler Puppy

Lars Earl Antonius x Maddie Von Isa’s Haus
Eve Von Isas Haus / Von Muntz – 2018 RKNA OHIO VP-1
Hammer Von Muntz/Von Isas Haus – 2018 USRC NC VP-1 and Best Puppy

That’s only two litters from Lars Earl Antonius and two top winning show Rottweiler puppies from each!

Rottweiler Klub of Northeast Ohio (RKNA)

October 14-15, 2017

Bentley Von Muntz – First place Junior Class, Best Female, Champion Certificate, Best Opposite Sex.

Balto Von Muntz – First Place Junior Class, Champion Certificate and Reserve Best of Breed. Judge Mr. Espen Engh

North Carolina AIRK Nationals

March 18-19, 2017

Diva Earl Antonius – 2017 AIRK Nationals V1 Working Class Female Rottweiler and National Siegerin

Nino Earl Antonius – 2017 AIRK Nationals V1 Working Class Male Rottweiler

Cowboy Earl Antonius – 2017 AIRK Nationals V2 18-24 Month Male Rottweiler and V. Youth Sieger

Adonis Von Muntz – 2017 AIRK Nationals V1 12-18 Male Rottweiler

Bentley Von Muntz – 2017 AIRK Nationals VP3

South Florida Rottweiler Klub Breed Show (RKNA Miami)

January 28-29, 2017

Diva Earl Antonius – 2017 South Florida Siegerin, Best of Breed and Best In Show

Cowboy Earl Antonius – V1 Intermediate Class Male Rottweiler

Nino Earl Antonius – V1 Working Class Male Rottweiler

Balto Von Muntz – V1 4-6 Month Male Rottweiler