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Von Muntz Rottweiler female Rottweilers are carefully selected for strict adherence to the breed standard, strong maternal nature, health, and fitness. Female Rottweilers tend to reach 22-25 inches in height (56-63 cm) and weigh approximately 77-106 pounds (35-48 kilos).

2019 SFRK Spring Sieger Show Siegerin ARKS ZTP 14. April judge P.Friedrich VDH president MACEDONIAN CHAMPION ADRK AMBERG SIEGERIN 2018 + BOB
2017 Bundesssieger V2 2017 V1 KLUB Sieger 2017 RKNA KS V1 Open Class 2016 National Sieger V2 USRC National Sieger V2 RKNA National SW Sieger V1 Vice National Youth Champion

2017 AIRK Nationals V1 Working Class Female Rottweiler and National Siegerin
2017 South Florida Siegerin, Best of Breed and Best In Show
2016 USRC National Siegerin